BayFlex Vinyl Doors

The BayFlex vinyl door was developed specifically for harsh car wash environments. With corrosion-resistant materials and a Break-Away design, it is engineered for high-volume car wash applications that demand low-maintenance doors. The design eliminates pneumatics, cables, hinges, belts, drums, pulleys and other parts for years of trouble-free operation. BayWatch is the only company that offers an internal balanced drum that eliminates the curtain weight. This solves an industry-wide issue of motor failures and provides curtain speeds of up to 50″ per second.


  • Balanced Curtain to Extend Motor Life
  • Break-Away™ Design
  • Curtain Speeds Up to 50″ Per Second
  • Easy Individual Panel Replacement
  • Heat Retention
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Visibility and Light
  • Many Color Options Available
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