Operating Systems

Premium IntelliWatch Operators

BayWatch’s proprietary technology will send you alerts whenever there is a problem with your doors or your bay.  A car wash door that stays up or a heater failure can freeze your car wash equipment and can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. IntelliWatch puts those concerns to rest.  In addition to the features listed in our standard operators below, the IntelliWatch operator features:
  • Single Thermostat Control – Links doors, heaters and heat mats together with a single thermostat. This eliminates freeze-ups and unnecessary heat output due to tampering with temperature settings
  • In-Store Monitoring – Provides live status of the wash bay with an easy to read backlit display and the ability to operate doors without physically going out to the wash bay. An in-store alert sounds if the bay doors fail to close or the bay heat drops below its set temperature. This eliminates wash bay freeze-ups due to photo eye failures that leave the bay doors open in cold temperatures
  • Time / Temp Control – Operates under automatic time or temperature. Temperature will automatically override time mode if the temperature drops below its set level. The doors operate to your specification year-round without needing to turn them off in summer and back on in winter
  • Door Isolation Control – Allows each door to operate individually, i.e. one door on time and one door on temperature control if desired
  • Car Wash Interface Included – Eliminates the need for the car wash door manufacturer interface kit, photo eyes and /or floor loop (saving you as much as $4,000)

Standard Operators

The BayWatch standard operating system raises the bar in car wash door technology. In addition to the standard features found in our competitor’s offerings, the BayWatch standard operating system also provides:
  • Programmable Adjustable Door Height – unlike the competition, the door height can be programmed to any height and does not require ordering an additional lift kit
  • Variable Speed Drive – allows for high speed during normal door function. Also gives immediate reduced speed, when photo eye is broken, to prevent damage claims. Reversing directions is smooth and immediate
  • Manually Raise Door – door can be raised by hand if power is lost on site. This prevents trapping a customer in the bay
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