Unlike air-driven operators, BayWatch operators open and close in one smooth motion. Reversing the door at high speeds are done with ease, which also extends the life of your doors.

Are you exposing your wash to more cold and harmful elements because your bay doors have slow air operators?

If you had BayWatch doors and operators, that wouldn’t be a concern. See the comparison for yourself in the video to the right for our polycarbonate doors. The BayWatch doors are on the left, and a competitor’s air doors are on the right. You be the judge!

How are BayWatch Doors different from the other

Whether you prefer polycarbonate or vinyl doors, BayWatch offers two operator styles…standard operators (far right image) and premium IntelliWatch operators (far left image). We engineer unparalleled quality into both of these options. Regardless of the package you choose, our operators are a completely enclosed, direct shaft driven operating system that is specifically meant to withstand the harshest cold and wet environments. Both come with a NEMA 4 rated, 1/2 hp waterproof gearbox and motor assembly (center image) that gives years of consistent reliability.
FeaturesBayWatch PremiumBayWatch StandardIndustry Standard
Direct Shaft Driven Operators
Air Operators
Variable Speed Drive
Manual Raise Door
Link Door & Heater
In-Store Monitoring
Door Isolation Control
Car Wash Interface Included
Remote Monitoring
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