BayWatch is the only company that keeps you in touch with your car wash bay at all times and provides alerts if the doors or heater ever fail. A car wash door that stays up or a heater failure can freeze your car wash equipment and can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. IntelliWatch puts those concerns to rest.





In addition to all of the advanced features found in the standard operating system, the IntelliWatch premium operating system provides:

  • Single Thermostat Control – Links doors, heaters and heat mats together with a single thermostat. This eliminates freeze-ups and unnecessary heat output due to tampering with temperature settings
  • In-Store Monitoring – Provides live status of the wash bay with an easy to read backlit display and the ability to operate doors without physically going out to the wash bay. An in-store alert sounds if the bay doors fail to close or the bay heat drops below its set temperature. This eliminates photo eye failures without your knowledge that leave the bay doors up and cause the wash to freeze
  • Time / Temp Control – Operates under automatic time or temperature. Temperature will automatically override time mode if the temperature drops below its set level
  • Door Isolation Control – Allows each door to operate individually, i.e. one door on time and one door on temperature control if desired
  • Car Wash Interface Included – Eliminates the need for the manufacturer car wash door interface kit, photo eyes and /or floor loop (saving you as much as $4,000)



IntelliWatch is an on-site monitor that provides real-time status of your doors and heaters to ensure your wash bay is available and your car wash equipment is protected from the elements.


IntelliWatch Features & Benefits:

  • Real-time status of doors, heaters and heat mats
    • Door position (Open/Closed)
    • Ability to open or close either doors
    • Inside and outside bay temperature
    • Current status (On/Off) of heaters and heat mats
    • Status of any current alarms or issues
  • Door Setup
    • Sets your door opening and closing speed
    • Instantly control door height
    • Set your door slow down settings to ensure a smooth open and closing motion
  • Bay Temperature Control
    • Door, heaters and heat mats all tied into one thermostat
    • Set the temperature at which the doors, heater and heat mats will individually turn on
    • Set the temperature at which you or a service provider will be alerted if the bay should fall below a specific setting (typically around 32°)
    • Extreme temperature shutdown – the bay temperature setting at which the doors will not accept a code to allow a customer to wash their car to protect your wash equipment
  • Wash Signals
    • Allows a service provider to remotely look into your system and determine if the error is actually with the doors or heaters, or if the error is with the wash equipment
    • Shows if there is something currently blocking the photo eyes and preventing the doors from closing
  • Time/Temp Control
    • Time mode is used to automatically close the doors at a specific time, regardless of bay temperature, for added security
    • Temperature mode automatically closes your doors when the temperature falls below the setting of your choice to protect your wash equipment
    • Best of all, even if the wash is set to time mode, the doors will automatically close if the temperature falls below the preset temperature used in temp mode. Your wash equipment is always protected
  • Remote Connectivity
    • Allows access to all functions listed above to you via a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • E-Mail Alerts and On-Site Alarm
    • On-site monitor immediately notifies you of any door or heater issue
    • An instant e-mail alert is also sent to you or your service provider if any error with the doors or heaters occurs
    • Eliminates the delay in of an on-site issue.  Saves downtime and can potentially save your wash equipment from costly repairs from a freeze




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