NEW INVESTOR: TURN-KEY Six Steps to Carwashing Success

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If you’ve ever contemplated owning a car wash, or you’ve considered entering the business through a franchise, then you’ll want to take a close look at this Turn-Key Car Wash Solution Guide.

NCS Turn-Key is not a franchise business. We work with you to develop a wash and business that is yours!

NCS Turn-Key Option puts you on the fast path towards car wash ownership that is less restrictive, less intrusive, and less costly for you as compared to a franchise model. In addition, if you decide you want to sell your business later, you won’t have the franchise termination clauses that likely have financial implications.

This guide will provide you with the contacts, services, support and product you need to create and sustain your car wash business with ZERO initial franchise fees, ZERO ongoing franchise fees, and ZERO required purchases.


Initial Franchise Fees: $0
Ongoing Franchise Fees : 0%
Franchise Marketing Fees: $0
Required Purchases: $0




Fewer Employees
Our wash process is fully automated from the kiosk where a customer pays, to the end of the tunnel where the final drop is buffed away.


Limited Inventory
Besides chemicals and maintenance supplies, car washes require much less inventory than similar retail businesses. In car washing, there is little to no shrinkage or spoilage.


Easier Development
NCS will produce as many as 65-pages of detailed site-specific mechanical drawings covering concrete, plumbing, and electrical.


Real Estate Based
Car washes require land acquisition, providing the opportunity to build equity in the property. Locations are fundamentally sound sites located at high-traffic-count intersections with dense surrounding populations.

There is still room for you at the table.

My intent here is to provide you with an overview of the resources available to get you started in the car wash industry. We know a franchise has its place. But we also know not everyone wants to be part of a franchise. Many have shared with us they don’t want to be told how to run their business with no guarantee for success. You want to have the choice with equipment and don’t want to dish out portions of income to franchise fees. We heard you loud and clear that as new investors you are looking for an easier alternative with guidance – especially given the price tag of what is now between $3 and $5.5 million all in.


Unlike other nationally recognized franchise businesses, a car wash has a higher-cost barrier to entry. Those looking at the car wash business typically have had a successful history providing them the financial ability to afford this type of investment.

And because of this prior success of doing it on your own as an entrepreneurs – we know you are typically a hard group to keep within a franchise program. You simply have your own ideas and ways of doing things and by year two or at the latest year three, you are ready to go at it alone and start implementing your own ideas.


When we asked those interested in joining the industry
“Why are you looking at a Franchise?”, the answers typically came back that because of the size of the investment and that they have never built a wash before, they felt the franchise offering was the best way to get a proven, turn-key solution.


With that in mind and understanding what the real “ask” was – a turn-key solution not necessarily a franchise – we put together a guide of resources to give you exactly that. In this guide, we share with you the names of the people/companies we use to provide a turn-key solution for our clients without the long-term commitment to a franchise. We believe the franchise model has merit. We also believe you should be aware of the alternatives, so you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s get started!

TURN-KEY Car Wash Solution

With NCS, you’ll be supported by our total offering of industry leadership, expertise, products and services. Everything you need to get your car wash up and running can be found from a single source. From site selection assistance and building construction consulting, to dedicated customer support and ongoing education, NCS Turn-Key solution is the only complete business source you’ll need to grow your car wash business from the ground up.

Development Support: 

Expert guidance to help you go from breaking ground to ground- breaking performance. That includes site selection and construction assistance. We use the latest technology and predictive modeling to determine where best to break ground on your next project.

On-Site Services

Have an equipment or maintenance question? Our industry-leading network of local Select Service Organizations (SSOs) are there for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Hands-on Training

Master your trade with courses taught by industry experts who’ll teach you how to manage, maintain and grow your business.

CarWash College training courses are available for managers, technicians and customer service representatives.


NCS’s is the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment. Our equipment is proudly designed, built, & backed in the USA. This makes

it easy for us to work with you to engineer a tunnel system that fits your space and budget.

POS & Business Management

NCS advanced technology and cloud-based system makes it easy for owners to access and manage their car wash business from anywhere, on any device, at any time. You can even manage multiple sites from one easy-to- use interface.


You don’t have to be a backroom expert to succeed with NCS’s equipment. Our Aqua-Lab Chemical Dispensing System improves the performance

of your wash, saves money, increases profits, reduces waste, and protects the environment.

Chemistry Management

Delivering an exceptional experience in the tunnel is a critical element that starts with premium chemistry. Our integrated solution leverages precise dispensing and superior application to improve wash quality while metering every drop to reduce costs.


Water is the most essential element of any car wash, and our experts are passionate about optimizing our customers’

water to improve performance, save money, and reduce waste. We pride ourselves on taking responsibility for every drop of water throughout your wash.

Vacuum Systems

Our team of full-time engineers layout your complete site to maximize the potential of your property to process more cars faster with vacuum stations that improve customer satisfaction.

Branding & Marketing

When you choose NCS, you gain access to an experienced marketing team ready to help you develop a strong, loyal customer base and promote your custom brand—the value of which is vital to running a successful business.

Signage & Lighting

Our signage experts help you turn impulse buyers into loyal destination customers with signage and lights that create an experience that customers prefer no matter how often they visit.

Replacement Parts

With our East Coast and West Coast warehouse locations, we can deliver to any address in the Continental USA in 3 days or less. We have over 12,000 parts in stock for immediate delivery with inventory for every OEM.


When looking to create an iconic look-and-feel to your building that matches your brand – why restrict your options? NCS will work with you and your vendor or architect so you build a business that delivers on everything you need.




Pre-Fabricated | Car Wash Buildings

Car Wash Buildings has created a pre-packaged building package that fuses the very best in modern design, 21st century materials and a knock-out customer experience. If you are a car wash operator and you want to stand out from your competition, the Car Wash Buildings will streamline your production of a world-class facility at a competitive price. Packages are pre- engineered to not only look beautiful, but also meet or surpass national engineering load requirements saving you time in design and construction. Structural plans are versatile and flexible and customizable for your individual branded look.


Pre-Fabricated | Modernwash

Modernwash Car Wash Solutions whole existence is to introduce a fresh approach to your car wash market strategy! Modernwash brainstorms, designs, fabricates and builds innovative Car Wash Buildings that allow you to stand out from your competition and enjoy the benefits of built-in marketing. Your building will be a 24- hour marketing and advertising tool that relays the message that your equipment and your business are technologically advanced.


Modernwash starts with a unique steel frame system that assembles quickly. They combine this with innovative roof designs and in-house built cladding / exterior systems that make for a striking package!

Architect Group: Hands-on Expertise

Expert Site Planning

Published Pricing



In Stock For Immediate Delivery – Proudly Designed, Built, & Backed In The USA

Global Select Service Organization (SSO) Support Network with Over 850 Years of Operations Experience

We Design & Deliver More Successful Site Plans Than Any Other Manufacturer

Up Front Value Backed By a Lifetime Frame Warranty & Open Architecture Parts



Modular | Genesis


Genesis represents countless years of carwash industry experience as owners, operators, designers and builders. Genesis Modular Carwash Building Systems are designed exclusively for the harsh environment of a carwash. Unlike any other carwash building, the Genesis System arrives on your site complete. Genesis furnishes a fully engineered system that includes complete electrical and plumbing systems, concrete floors, and a PVC interior in the wash bay designed not to rust or rot. Genesis also takes delivery of equipment at their factory and installs and tests the complete carwash system before ever leaving Genesis’ facility.


Architect | A Plus Design Group


APDG custom designs every building to fit your site, needs and budget. Having designed over 150 car wash projects, their years of experience have taken them nationwide with projects ranging from building new facilities to renovating existing ones. APDG is more than an architect; they’re your partner in the planning, design, construction and success of your project. APDG monitors the construction of your project from site prep through completion to make sure the final product has the quality specified in the design. Construction of a car wash involves real money – your money – so as your architects, APDG considers it their job to help you get what you pay for.

Turn-Key CarWash Investing

NCS Turn-Key covers all the bases from site selection to development and grand opening. Everything you need to start and operate your business with ease. You’ll work with experts in Development and Operations and direct with a World-Class Equipment Manufacturer. No middle man tacking on additional margins.

NCS is the world’s largest manufacturer of carwash equipment, parts and supplies. Investors, owners and operators partner with NCS because of its total offering, market leadership, and industry expertise.

When it comes to developing their carwash business investors turn to Wash Equity Advisors, the leading source for design, entitlement, permitting and construction in the car wash industry.

Carwash OS offers best in class operational tools and practices to give your car wash the best chance of success.

Give your business the advantage to put together a great team to produce exceptional customer service.

The NCS Turn-Key Includes:

  • Site Selection, Proformas
  • Architectural Designs, Standardized MEP
  • Construction & Development
  • Equipment Package with Proven Success
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Support from a Large Network of CarWash Experts
  • CarWash Operational Guidance
  • Exclusive Discounts on NCS Solutions 

It Takes One to Know One

Our first-hand experience with owning and operating washes gives us an intimate understanding of what a site and owner need to succeed. As we work with you to understand equipment, chemistry, and operations, We work with you to develop a brand strategy, determine training modules, and maintain routine service schedules.

Hit The Ground Running

You’ll get the help and guidance you need from concept and development to opening and operations. Apart from you, no one wants you to succeed as much as we do 

The Bottom Line

Our time and focus is to help you create a car wash business that is yours to own.

  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Marketing Fees
  • No Royalty Fees
  • No Restrictive Franchisor Control
  • No Transfer Fees

This is yours – to operate, grow, and sell – when, to whom and at the price you want. Apart from the cost to build your car wash, there is no eating into your net profits with an ongoing fee or a percentage of sales to a franchisor. Why limit your opportunity?


New Investor Seminar: 6 Steps to Car Washing Success

Looking for new business opportunities? The express car washes industry is not dominated by a few big chains. The express car wash is the lowest labor cost model available.

Why own a Car Wash?

  • 900 million car washes per year, $13.4 Billion Industry Average Revenue

Take the Opportunity

  • 30% of the industry is made up of big chains. Looking to acquire car washes.
  • 51% of people in the market only have one car wash

Sell when you want, or for generations to come.
Some people are gonna be getting into this and wanting a retirement and keeping it for later. A lot of what we see right now is the exit strategy and flipping these washes rather quickly.


NCS provides a strong investment package to set you up for any number of these big-brands-chains to take a look at you to acquire your wash. We look at the factors that purchasers want in a car wash. NCS will help counsel and guide you through, to set you up for a really strong exit strategy. Invest with confidence.


Strategically plan the growth of your car wash or your entrance into the industry. The Turn-Key Investor Seminar is designed to help familiarize both new and existing owners to Identify site location, analysis, finance, design, equipment, chemical, manage, operate, and maintain your investment, and much more!


What will I Gain?
In this course, you’ll learn how to evaluate growth opportunities, examine car wash business models, estimate capital and operating costs to optimize profits, secure financing, and how to avoid common mistakes in finding and evaluating potential locations.


Your Outcome
Plan for and create successful investment
Better assessment of car wash business models and equipment
Information you need to know about securing financing, operating costs, and optimizing profits
Understanding common mistakes and ways to avoid them
What you need to do to be successful as a car wash operator and investor


Let’s get washing!

Register Today:

How do I get started.

Since 1973, we have been washing cars, building successful car wash businesses and guiding car wash owners from concept to profitable operations. No two projects have been the same and that’s what we love. This is your business and your vision coming to life – we get to help you make it happen.




  • Expert guidance to help you go from breaking-ground to ground-breaking performance.
  • Pro Forma Projections
  • CAD Tunnel Layouts
  • Pre-Construction Support





Calculate if your site’s characteristics will support your business goals. Evaluate when your business will break even and develop a growth plan. Comprehensive tunnel layouts to visualize the car wash you want to build with the equipment and controls you need to provide the perfect wash. Get the information you need to conduct pre-construction meetings and avoid project delays.


So, where do you start? How do you stand out? And how do you build something that will last? Whatever background or level of experience you come from, here’s a quick guide to get you thinking and taking some action.


After all, as with most businesses, there are certain things about being a successful owner that you can only learn from people with experience or experiencing it yourself.


Building a Strong Foundation
If you have a location in mind (or you don’t) it’s best to have clear picture of car wash minimum requirements. Reach out to our Business Development team for specifications and details of what you should be looking for in terms of size, accessibility, population and other criteria. You may also want to attend NCS New Investor Seminar. It’s a one-day course that covers financing, site selection, cost estimates, operations and business models.

Business Pro Forma: Consulting
Our staff of experienced car wash professionals excel at evaluating potential car wash sites: traffic patterns, demographic data, and market and site information. The team reviews your specific location for competition and potential opportunities.
When completed, a NCS Pro Forma provides you with a thorough evaluation of your site and its car washing potential.

Have an Idea of Profits and Expenses
With an idea of equipment and construction costs, we will finalize the business Pro Forma. This serves as a baseline for budgeting and financing. A solid revenue model helps convince investors to put up the capital for your new business. You will also need an effective marketing plan.

Funding Your Business
The site analysis provides any potential concerns and then the Pro Forma establishes the first 5 years projections and a break even analysis. Whether you need private lending, SBA, or commercial lending and leasing, we have established contacts and can help connect you to lending and financing specialists.

Invest in the Right Stuff
Select car wash equipment and controls that meet the projected washing volume provides your customers with a professional experience and makes it easy for you to manage. We have local support across the nation that specialize by regional needs. Our equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA and engineered with “open architecture” for ease of maintenance and repair.

Time to Build
NCS provides as many as 65 pages of drawings detailing mechanical, electrical and plumbing layouts as well as equipment placement, and auxiliary support equipment.

Our worldwide network of factory-trained Select Service Organizations (SSOs) will install your equipment and work with selected contractors to ensure timely delivery. The SSO provides on-site training, start-up and ongoing service.

Define and Develop your Business
Our in-house team of marketers, producers, writers, designers, and developers are here to help you define and grow your business. Tie to your brand from pre-launch with brand discovery, logo development, and web development to activation with unlimited membership strategy, training videos, social media, location and reputation management and tracking and reporting. SLAM CarWash Marketing has you covered.

Profitable and Premium Water, Chemistry & Backroom
Profitability and management of cost-per-car is a combination of proper water treatment, soap and backroom solutions for chemistry proportioning and dispensing. Our team of water experts at Velocity make sure you optimize every drop, treat water properly and don’t send money down the drain. Our chemistry team at Diamond Shine works with you to deliver the best solution at the best price. And our fluid innovation experts at Hydra-Flex work with you on the management of the proper portioning so you can deliver consistently clean, dry and shiny cars and optimize profitability.

Management and Maintenance
With Training and Distribution facilities nationwide, NCS can deliver parts for all OEMs in 3-days or less to keep your business up and running. Our College of Clean, the industry’s leading professional education program, offers online and hands-on educational training for multi-site management, equipment maintenance, and repair.

Signs and Lights for the Best Car Wash Experience Decades of car wash manufacturing experience led to the car wash industry’s leading sign design and manufacturing company – Mr. Foamer. From the moment a customer drives onto your property you want to welcome them with impact and create a unique wash experience that generates the highest average wash tickets and customer loyalty.

Select a Property that Supports Your Business Objectives
NCS’s professional consultants will assess the capabilities of your prospective site(s) in the context of your business objectives. We scrutinize the trade area, comparing its population and demographic characteristics to benchmarks derived from successful car wash placements. This analysis can be used to compare multiple sites, predict how a site might perform given your business model and develop a pro forma revenue projection of your overall business plan.

Determine When Your Business Will Become Profitable
NCS CarWash Consulting will prepare a 5-year revenue projection and break-even analysis based on your business model and site-specific market characteristics to determine whether — and when — your business will turn a profit. Our proprietary 5-year revenue projection model considers the implications of several key factors in determining your income and operating costs, beginning with your business type, pricing and packaging structure, and operating costs.

Select a Property

That Supports Your Business Objectives

NCS’s professional consultants will assess the capabilities of your prospective site(s) in the context of your business objectives. We scrutinize the trade area, comparing its population and demographic characteristics to benchmarks derived from successful car wash placements. This analysis can be used to compare multiple sites, predict how a site might perform given your business model and develop a pro forma revenue projection of your overall business plan.


Determine When Your Business Will Become Profitable
NCS CarWash Consulting will prepare a 5-year revenue projection and break-even analysis based on your business model and site-specific market characteristics to determine whether — and when — your business will turn a profit. Our proprietary 5-year revenue projection model considers the implications of several key factors in determining your income and operating costs, beginning with your business type, pricing and packaging structure, and operating costs.




  • SBA and conventional loans & leases
  • Business plan preparation and projections
  • Expedited loan approval and closing
  • New or experienced operators

    Insurance / Risk Management

  • Underwriters that work with hundreds of operators nationwide
  • 25-year track record of administering various industry programs
  • Safety partners with national vendors offering safety solutions
  • Risk management specialists to identify vulnerable safety conditions and recommend specific solution

EQUIPMENT - Wash More Cars

With world-class installation and support from NCS CarWash Services and SSO Network, over 15 million dollars in ready-to-ship inventory, and straightforward design using an open architecture comprised of minimally-proprietary components, everything about NCS equipment is designed to help you wash more cars.


Best Selling for a Reason

Nobody knows the car washing business better than NCS. With six decades of industry experience under our belt, we are in a unique position to help you understand the market, position accordingly, and take advantage of opportunities to grow your business. Our equipment is proudly designed, built, & backed in the USA. This makes it easier for us to work together to engineer a tunnel system that fits your space and budget.


Don’t Limit Your Potential to Compete

NCS engineers equipment to support your vision of success. Every component is available in your choice of electric or hydraulic drive where possible and whether you’re looking for the proven durability of a traditional roller and chain conveyor or want to stand out in your market with a dual belt transporter we offer both and can guide you to selecting the vehicle transport system best suited to your market and operational preferences.


Trusted leadership from the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment.

Crafting a Customer Experience is Profitable

Over/Under …

OR Belt Conveyor




Lights, foam, signage, and controls are one part of the experience. The other is in the equipment you select in your tunnel.

Should you choose the reliability and lower up-front capital cost of a traditional over/under chain conveyor? Or is the inviting and easy to load experience of a belt conveyor something customers are willing to pay for?


Is the proven durability of affordable Aluminum equipment the right solution to dominate your market? Or is the high-end appearance of a 304 Stainless-Steel structure with 180-grit brush finish the best option to stand apart from the competition?

With NCS, The Choice is Yours.

College of Clean

NCS CarWash College instructors have washed over 100 million cars and combined have owned, operated, or managed over 200 car wash locations. Participants receive real training with real testing and certification to ensure your staff will gain the necessary skills to make a positive impact within your operation.

More Experience. Better Results.

NCS CarWash College Campuses offer you a tour of our 279,000 sq ft. facilities while training with our experts, allowing you to experience our state-of-the-art 120ft tunnel and wet lab at our Phoenix, AZ. location. East or West you’ll gain hands- on experience that is transferable to your wash to elevate the consistency of your service and customer satisfaction.

Document Procedures to Grow

We’ll provide you with the tools you need to understand the most important aspects of your car wash business. Participants leave CarWash College with complete documentation of every procedure, technique, and skill they’ve learned – bringing back a lifetime worth of car washing experience that you can apply across your locations.


Comprehensive hands-on training to plan, manage, maintain and grow your business.



Investor Seminar

Get familiarize in the industry to plan, finance and maintain a successful car wash business.

Equipment Maintenance

Prevent downtime, extend your equipment life, and simplify your Preventative Maintenance Program.

Introduction to CarWashing

Learn the basics of working at a car wash to maintain a safe environment to ensure success.


Equipment Maintenance

Prevent downtime, extend your equipment life, and simplify your Preventative Maintenance Program.

CarWash Management

Maximize productivity with best practices when it comes to attracting, hiring, training, and retaining top talent.


Tunnel Equipment Repair

Learn best practices to repair your equipment in the most expedient and cost-effective ways.


NCS Controls Training

Understand your NCS carwash management technology and how to use it to its greatest capability.

Backroom Equipment Repair

Learn the components that control your tunnel equipment and how to properly adjust them to operate efficiently.



NCS CarWash Controls Complete Point-of-Sale & Back-Office Management System includes everything you need to increase revenue, manage operations and cut costs across all of your locations. Designed from the ground up with Linux-based security to protect you from internal and external threats with an intuitive simple-to-use interface that enables you and your team to focus on managing your business.

Controls Operation in Real Time

Compare daily, monthly and annual site metrics with simple, at-a-glance reports. With auto-send reports sent via email and text message, you’ll have updates anywhere at anytime allowing you to make quick operational decisions that save you time and money. Access all Back-Office features right from your phone.

Replace Labor with Automation

Help customers buy more from you, more often, with less labor. NCS integrated e-commerce pay station and License Plate Recognition (LPR) combine to let you sell wash cards and unlimited plans from anywhere at anytime allowing customers to shop the way they prefer.

Complete business management technology to deliver efficiency and profitability across your locations.

NCS CarWash Controls

Pay Station

Sell washes, services, memberships, gift cards, wash cards and actively increase revenue. The revolutionary forward-thinking technology allows for enhanced customer engagement and promotions to increase return-rate and memberships.

VIP Lane

For members only! When entering the VIP lane, member vehicles are automatically recognized with NCS LPR. The VIP lane featuring NCS compact Pay Station is a cashless system used for identification purposes and to update credit cards.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Instantly read license plates for members and non-members to quickly move visitors into the wash and optimize marketing opportunities. Onboard Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) combined with NCS industry leading plate processing delivers unparalleled accuracy.

Digital Menus

Engaging videos presented on a vibrant screen with expertly- crafted motion graphics designed to upsell top packages, additional services and market all your promotions year-round.

Point-of-Sale and Cloud-Based Back Office

Engineered with state-of-the-art technologies to give you full access to management and visibility of your site(s), anytime/ anywhere. Packaged with everything you need to increase revenue, manage operations and reduce costs.

Tunnel Controller

Cloud-based system that can be accessed anytime/anywhere, allowing on the fly changes to tunnel timing, functions, and inputs. Configure anything from mirror bumps, wiper bumps to scheduling lights and irrigation systems.

LPR Smart Queue

Automatically reorders your queue based on the license plate to ensure vehicles are always in the correct order and receiving the wash they purchased without loader intervention. See what customers purchased, and recognize members and new visitors.

Smart Motor Controller

Program, control and monitor motors from the NCS Back Office. The view never before seen Energy Consumption, Motor Performance, Starters and VFD performance data. Receive mobile alerts on equipment failures and troubleshoot based on performance data.



Integrated backroom systems designed to consistently achieve superior performance.

NCS CarWash Backroom equipment will transform your wash, resulting in cleaner cars, reduced waste, efficient chemical usage, and improved ROI. From full systems to specialty application dispensing stations, we provide a wide range of versatile and custom solutions to unlock operational efficiency.

Solutions You Can Trust Set it and Forget it

Even though customers never see it, the backroom of your wash is truly where it all beings. The performance of your backroom equipment is key to achieving your goals – cleaner cars, happier customers, and higher profits. Aqua-Lab uses less water and maximizes your chemistry to spend 30-40% less per car and help your profits soar!

We create innovative, high-quality, reliable solutions you can rely on. We have an answer for any challenge in your backroom and offer everything from full systems to single, specialty applications, to meet all your needs. Our equipment is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Trust NCS to take care of your backroom, so you can focus on everything else.


The Most Reliable System in Chemical Dispensing

Small Footprint

Save money on new builds and free up valuable space in retrofits. Takes up just 38 sq. ft. in your backroom, which is 75% less space than the competition’s bank of 16 mixing tanks. 


Proven Savings You Can See!

We tested 16 chemicals before and after installing Aqua-Lab, and the results speak for themselves.

Reduces space needed by 75% MORE



The Aqua-Lab system mixes your water and chemistry, then delivers it to each application in your tunnel with unparalleled accuracy, performance, and reliability.

Chemical Usage Before  Chemical Usage After Percentage of Chemical Savings
226.2* 139.9* 38%

Evolution and Innovation

We’re not just building the car wash backroom of today – we’re looking to the future to constantly evolve, innovate, and ensure your wash is ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Our future doesn’t just include premium equipment to produce the cleanest cars – we’re developing a fully connected backroom with Alfred, your online carwash assistant. He keeps you connected to Aqua-Lab 3 with 24/7 monitoring, real-time data, alerts,

reports, and reminders to take your oversight of your wash to the next level.


NCS CarWash Chemistry features Diamond Shine’s complete series of premium chemistry specifically formulated for tunnel car wash systems. Manufactured in standard (30 Gal), 2X (15 Gal) and Super Bullseye Concentrate (2.5 Gal) it’s the most convenient and accurate way to deliver cleaner, drier, shinier vehicles no matter what delivery system you prefer.

Control Chemistry Cost Increase Your Average Ticket

Diamond Shine Bullseye™ concentrate delivery system with patented on-tank rulers takes the guesswork out of measuring your cost-per-car. Each Bullseye storage tank accommodates our convenient and safe induction-sealed 2.5 gallon concentrate containers to maximize storage space and reduce costly spills.

The Fusion™ process is designed to give you a competitive edge and increase your ticket average by turning your top tunnel packages into a can’t-miss customer experience. The Fusion Process™ delivers a visibly noticeable hand wax quality shine and paint protection in an online application.


The most convenient and accurate way to deliver a clean, dry and shiny car.


According to surveys, the #1 reason people wash their car is because it makes them feel good. Delivering an exceptional experience in the tunnel is a critical element in creating that “feel good” feeling. However, this is only the beginning. The key to retaining customers and maintaining a premium average ticket requires a noticeable difference in the quality of the vehicle. The Fusion Process™ is the industry’s first integrated combination of chemistry and equipment designed to create a long lasting shine that brings customers back again and again.

Use standard Fusion Guard graphics or we will customize to complement your branding

Break the bond of the most difficult surface contaminants with this specially- formulated low pH detergent. Applied in a thin sheet of foam that envelops the car and dazzles customers.

Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. This ultra-low pH detergent is applied in precise streams that penetrate prior foam applications.

Break down and remove foam residue to completely expose painted surfaces to Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. Infused into a waterfall rinse that flushes all grooves, crevices, cowlings, and behind mirrors

Lock out dirt and protect painted surfaces with our patent-pending formula that chemically bonds to the surface. Applied in dramatic overlapping droplets that evenly spread for continuous coverage.

Enhance the depth and quality of the shine you deliver your customer with our exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba. Applied in a cascading sheet of airy foam for complete coating.

Repel water and improve all- weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic spray application. Applied to glass surfaces with precision-targeted manifolds.

A Level of Gloss That Will Blow Your Mind
The Next Evolution In Ceramics

Graphene Xtreme Amplifies the Best Aspects of Ceramics

Enhanced Level of Protection Increased Hydrophobicity More Water Beading

Longer Durability

Graphene Xtreme is a comprehensive super-sealant that can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with any ceramic offering from NCS CarWash Chemistry by Diamond Shine.



Three Money Maker

3-step ceramic layering process forms a durable shield and superior hydrophobic repellency.


Single-step ceramic application that adds a layer of protection.


Single-step application that is added to glass surfaces with precision-targeted manifolds.

Water Treatment

NCS CarWash Water elevates the standard for car wash water treatment by optimizing every drop in your wash. We treat your water from beginning to end, to help you reduce water and sewer costs and improve your use of chemistry. Made right here in the U.S., our innovative systems soften, purify, pressurize, reuse, and elevate your water quality, with customized solutions to optimize the unique water at your wash.

Save More, Waste Less 

Our new, superior water reclaim system recycles your water to reduce utility costs by 60 percent or more and benefit the environment. It’s truly a win-win.

Right Water for the Job

Different areas of the wash require different types of water. Our expertise and innovative equipment ensure the right water gets to each application to perfectly blend with your chemistry and deliver a stunning spot-free rinse.

Revolutionary treatment to elevate water quality and reduce waste.

A Great Wash Starts With Great Water

Once you’ve selected your site, our FREE water test kit can help you learn all about your water quality. Just fill up the bottle, complete

a brief form and send it back. Our experts will analyze the water sample and work with you to customize a solution to optimize your water to consistently turn out clean, dry, and shiny vehicles.

We Solve CarWash Water Problems


  • Reduce chemical costs
  • Improve wash performance
    • Extend equipment life


  • Eliminate unsightly water spots
    • Reduce costly labor
    • Elevate customer satisfaction


    • Solve water pressure fluctuation
      • Deliver consistent chemistry
    • Ensure consistent water volume to all wash applications


      • Reduce water and sewer costs
    • High-quality, odor-free reclaim water
      • Recycle water to protect the environment

Best-In-Class Products

Our best-in-class water treatment systems are designed and engineered for easy, long-lasting use.

Stainless Steel

Corrosion-resistant materials used on every frame and component


Components thoughtfully positioned for smallest footprint and easier maintenance

Performance Tested

Continual system monitoring and digital feedback

Personal Solutions

Total water management solutions specifically for your wash




The industry’s best-selling central vacuum

with professional grade durability to maximize uptime.

Tailored For Your Wash Unlike Any Other Vacuum System

NCS CarWash Vacuum design team will craft a custom site layout with optimized flow improving throughput and customer satisfaction. Every aspect of your vacuum stations – from the attractive canopy systems to crevice-claw and cyclone separators are designed to create an elevated customer experience converting passers-by to loyal fans.

NCS vacuum systems elevate the customer’s experience and provide the owner with a low cost of ownership. From custom colors, to hoses and canopies (and everything in between) we tailor the design for each individual owner to create a high performance option with maximum energy efficiency.


Our Experts Will Help You Design a


STEP 1 Choose Your Vacuum Producer 

Strong, durable, and dependable. NCS Vacuums by AutoVac producers are built to exact standards with the most trusted design and materials in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind with very little maintenance and the lowest warranty claims in the industry!

STEP 2 Choose Your Filtration Device 

NCS Vacuums by AutoVac stainless-steel filter separators utilize cyclonic technology to maximize airflow and minimize clogging to capture up to 99.9% of particles at 3 microns. Both primary and point of use separators are available in various styles and materials to support any car wash application.

STEP 3 Plan Pipping, Support & Canopies

Elevate customer throughput, convenience and satisfaction, while maximizing suction and lowering utility costs. NCS engineers design a custom vacuum solution to promote your brand that improves safety and minimizes maintenance.

STEP 4 Optimize Motor Controls

From standard magnetic starters and disconnects to software- based power management systems like Vacuum IQ™, NCS provides the technology to support a comprehensive vacuum solution. Vacuum IQ™ can cut energy consumption up to 70% while extending equipment life and reducing maintenance.


Whether you’re looking for some advice or you’re in search of a marketing agency that can handle every aspect of your marketing strategy and implementation, we have you covered. Our in-house team of marketers, producers, writers, designers, and developers know car wash and can help you grow your business.

A Competitive Advantage

Everything we produce – from brands to websites, digital ads, and videos – is thoughtfully designed and constructed by experts with dozens of years of marketing experience in the commercial car wash industry.


Grow Your Customer Base and Unlimited Club

We help drive customers to your business. Rather than spreading your financial resources thin by marketing on every conceivable site, we identify the most relevant channels to reach your target client base and work with you to win every customer.



Marketing consultation, design and campaign management to attract, upsell and retain customers onsite and online.




Logo & Branding

In a customer experience focused world, a visual identity allows you to create content that grows your business, increase revenue, expands brand awareness, and earns customer loyalty. We’ll uncover what your business stands for and develop

your brand and a wash identity unique to your wash.



Website Design

We’ll craft a mobile friendly brand experience that conveys the same high quality service you provide onsite. Your website will include target keywords and embed Google Maps so you rank higher online and increase your business’ visibility.



Social & Digital Marketing
Be where your customers are—online! Promote your business to attract your local audience and expand your reach. Target the right audience at the right time. Generate leads and build brand awareness through cross-channel social and digital marketing.



Common Car Wash Model

The Car Wash industry typically focuses on the following 4 unique models which NCS can customize to fit your location and budget. To maximize your site’s potential, whether it’s a C-store or a large- volume express exterior tunnel, all designs are created to be efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate and maintain. After careful assessment of your site’s potential for revenue and volume, NCS consultants will guide you as to how to best utilize the site based on anticipated traffic volume and other market factors. We’ll provide an array of programs to help you start, maintain, and grow your business.


As with an Express Exterior, customers can select higher wash packages at the automated attendant, with tire dressing and other extra exterior detailing services delivered by equipment online. But Unlike Express, where the customer has no interior option, with Flex-Serve the customer can exit directly or add quick interior and exterior services, requiring 15 minutes or less to complete. If space permits, additional detailing options can be offered that require additional time.



Express Exterior washes utilize longer tunnels; often over 100ft. Customers pay at an automated greeter and drive themselves onto the conveyor under the guidance of an attendant. These high- volume locations approach the market with a value-priced base wash and free self-serve vacuums. They are normally located on streets with high traffic counts, feature multiple greeters and entry lanes, and are the primary business for a given property.



Owning a gas station and C-store provides you with the best opportunity to run a highly profitable business that derives income from not one but three revenue streams-gas, convenience store and car wash all within the same property. Car washing is proven to be a superior performing companion business to gas stations.



Mini Xtreme Xpress® washes utilize shorter tunnels and requires as little as 35ft of bay space. Exclusive shallow pit conveyor and reduced electrical load requirements makes in-bay retrofits easy and affordable. You can dry and shiny over 50 cars per hour and capitalize on spikes in volume without slowing production.


Designs that Deliver

We create engaging signage designs that leverage expertly- crafted graphics to demonstrate true value and compel your customers to purchase your top services and unlimited member packages. Your signage experience will be custom- designed to match your brand and show customers what they can expect when they enter your tunnel. We design high-quality signage to match any season, promotion or event. Deploy multiple menu styles across as many sites as you like, and maintain your edge over the competition.


LEDs Engineered for Car Wash Tunnels

An innovative LED that stands up to high pressure spray, rigorous cleaning chemicals, and high humidity levels that constantly challenge car wash lighting. G&G LED Lights thrive in the harsh car wash environment. Featuring a chemical resistant, seamless housing, low-profile design, waterproof cabling system, and the highest IP ratings. Enhance the aesthetics of your wash and light up the entertainment! Our lighting solutions complement design and provide above and beyond drama in your tunnel.



Custom branded signage and lighting to create a value position and onsite experience that dominates.




Driveway Area

Welcome customers to your car wash with exciting signage. Guide members to the VIP lanes, upsell returning customers to unlimited memberships and provide service information for first time customers. Elevate your entryway with custom branded signage geared towards increasing your ticket average.



Inside the Tunnel

Amaze customers in the tunnel with an immersive and unforgettable experience. Reinforce your services with branded signage and controlled, vibrant lighting. Increase the wow factor and provide a show like no other!



Vacuums Area

An opportunity to make visitors loyal members. Promote unlimited membership packages, free towel program, and mat cleaning services. Keep the vacuums area tidy with branded garbage bins and neat towel carts.



Local installation, service and support to build and operate you business.




NCS CarWash Services are NCS-owned regional offices that retain corporate functions with a local market focus. The local presence and support of CarWash Services keeps us closer to customers, enabling us to react quickly to your needs and providing the accessibility to our experts that you need to build and operate a successful car wash business.


Local Presence and Regional Experts


We are here to help. We can help you design, bid, build, equip, train, market and maintain your wash. Every market is different which is why we have strategic office locations throughout the nation providing regional expertise and making it easier for us to work with you.


Installation, Service and Support


Regardless of size or complexity of the project, our 24/7, 365 days a year support makes sure your business gets up and running quickly and remains open and operational. Our local warehouses have over 12,000 parts in-stock for quick availability and delivery.






“We know the struggles you may have when building your car wash. With our localized team of NCS Services, we help you plan and make sure problems are solved quickly. We’ve installed over 1,000 car wash equipment sites nationwide and service 5,000 locations. Our commitment is to your success.”


12,000 parts in stock for immediate delivery to support your business with inventory for every OEM.

Right Parts.

NCS inventories over 12,000 items, including replacement parts for every OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer—over 15 million dollars in inventory—with more parts added daily.

Right Price.

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car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world offers the best parts prices!

Right Now.

Order by 6 PM EST and your order ships the same day! Our knowledgeable customer service team is available from 8AM to 8PM EST and all ground shipments arrive in 3-days or less anywhere in the continental US.


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NCS makes it easy to manage and grow your car wash business by combining everything you need in one membership program with meaningful benefits and savings.

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Make CarWashing Easy:



20 Years of theExpressCar Wash


Scan to Watch the History of Express


A Story from the Leaders that Started it All


It’s convenient, fast, and affordable. It’s a fun experience and it’s designed for today’s generation. The customer is anybody with a car in a time strapped society and well suited to the 21st century rhythm of “I have 100 things to do and only 5 minutes to get my car washed.”


The Beginning of Express

20 years ago Ben Alford, owner of Benny’s Car Wash, had an idea. Having been in the business for a while, he knew car owners wanted a clean car but the big obstacle was time (and desire) to wash their own vehicle top-to-bottom and bumper- to-bumper. From an operator standpoint, staffing wash tough and employee turnover was high. So with a few industry colleagues, Mr. Alford set out to solve these challenges.


The Car Wash Model That Could

While the history of commercial car washing in the USA dates back to the early 1900’s, a few major milestones have attributed to driving the industry to another level. In 1946, 75 years ago, the semi-automatic car wash was introduced. In 2001, the express wash—as we know it today—made its debut.


The Express Car Wash

Free vacuums for customers to use at their convenience, attendant-free pay stations, automated tunnel equipment, cutting edge technology and a consistently clean, dry and shiny car. Twenty years of innovation and timeless relevance.


Complete Car Wash Solutions

New Business Opportunities

How Do I Get Started?

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Vacuums: Maximize customer experience

Marketing: Win every customer

Signage: Increase your ticket

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Make CarWashing Easy


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