Loaf ‘N Jug Goes Wireless

By April 2, 2015 News No Comments


LNJ - JohnstownDenver has had some really cold stretches in 2015, and Loaf ‘N Jug has felt the damage the brutal cold can cause.  “We had a few heater failures during this winter, and it has cost us a lot of money in water pipe and car wash repairs this year,” said Ed Sharpe of Loaf ‘N Jug.  “Our staff often didn’t know we had a problem, and we needed help watching over the issue.”

Cradlepoint 3Ed wanted to use our remote monitoring to send e-mails directly to his staff and to BayWatch to keep up with the door and heater status.  There was just one issue…the Loaf ‘N Jug IT department wouldn’t allow access into the Loaf ‘N Jug network.  “With all the restrictions that our IT group has due to PCI compliance, running the BayWatch remote monitoring system through our network was not an option.” Fortunately, BayWatch offers a wireless solution that gives LNJ the ability to look directly into their bays in real-time and can send instant e-mail alerts regarding any door or heater issue at their sites.  Loaf ‘N Jug was so committed to this project that they converted all twenty seven locations to remote monitoring.  Since many of their sites already had our new remote monitoring system, the addition of our wireless solution was all that was needed.  The rest of Ed’s sites were converted by keeping his existing doors and upgrading his control box to complete the upgrade to remote monitoring.

Ed added, “We believe we’ve added a needed layer of protection to our car wash bays and feel that the investment will pay for itself by eliminating costly damages to our washes and increasing overall uptime by instantly knowing if there is an issue with the doors or heaters.”

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