BayWatch Announces Office Move to Accommodate Growth

By March 19, 2013 Press Release No Comments


BayWatch Enterprises is pleased to announce that it has completed negotiations on a new, larger Manufacturing facility and will begin its move on April 1, 2013 in order to accommodate the Company’s rapid growth, including the expansion of its vinyl curtain product line.

“This move represents an exciting time at BayWatch,” noted Sandy Bass, BayWatch President. “We are pleased that the new space can accommodate our increased production needs as well as the increased headcount we need to fill within our organization. While remaining cost-conscious, we are designing the space to streamline our processes and improve our overall manufacturing efficiencies.”

“With the strong year we had in 2012 and the fast start we are off to in 2013, we have decided to accelerate our business plan to take advantage of the opportunities we see available to us at this time,” Bass continued. “Our expansion into the vinyl market has exceeded expectations, and we are really gaining a nice foothold in the tunnel sector.  Our high-speed balanced curtain is gaining a lot of interest in the middle of the tunnel as a wind break.  The balanced curtain also gives us an advantage with customers who want a vinyl door, but only need them occasionally and prefer to use a chain hoist to raise and lower the doors without needing operators to reduce costs.  It is opening up door opportunities not only in cold weather climates, but many warmer climates as well.”


BayWatch Enterprises has been the technology leader in doors and monitoring systems for the car wash industry since 1995. With off-site management and control of doors, heaters and heat mats, single thermostat control and a built-in car wash interface, BayWatch is recognized as the leader in advanced door solutions. We are a full-service manufacturer providing design, construction and installation to industry leaders such as Circle K, Speedway, 7-Eleven, Waterway, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Sheetz, Shell and Valero as well as direct territory service and distribution across the entire country. BayWatch doors, widely known for superior design, construction and quality especially in harsh weather environments, can be found worldwide, including the United States, Canada and Russia.

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