NCS announce its strategic partnership with BayWatch Enterprises January 4th 2022

Baywatch was founded in 1995. The owner recognized that any individual or company investing in a car wash (or other industrial project) is investing a great deal of money in equipment, and yet, almost all of the doors on the market at the time did little to help protect that investment. That’s when he invented the Intelliwatch remote monitoring system to allow site owners to be able to monitor conditions on their property with any smart phone or device. It was only natural we started manufacturing high quality doors to go with the system, and we have become a trusted partner of many large corporations and independent operators alike.

Today Baywatch is a thriving company with operations in both the United States and Canada. If you are looking for high quality car wash or industrial doors, or you have problems and need a technician, get in contact with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Soderquist
Director of New Investors
GM BayWatch Doors

Paul Stratch

Max Moroz
Production Manager

Kenton Marsh
Sales Director

Micheal Howe
Sales Manager

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